electrical energy solutions

short circuit calculations

Trouble-free carrying of fault currents in case of a short circuit is required for human and equipment safety.

Exactly calculating short circuit currents (considering the size and number of asynchronous motors) and using actual tripping times instead of standard figures expensive oversizing of equipment is no longer necessary. The result is reduced installation costs, especially for MV cables, cable trays and working time.


  • calculation according to EN60909 / DIN VDE 0102

  • calculation of
    Initial short-circuit current Ik "
    Peak short-circuit current Is
    Short-circuit thermal current Ith

  • calculation of alternate switching and load scenarios

  • representation of short circuit calculation results as single-line diagrams including individual equipment data

  • overload conditions are marked with colored lines in the diagram

  • data of ALL system devices is considered in the calculation (i.e. cables, motors, generators, etc.)

  • extensive library for device data

  • calculation results may be exported into Excel format