medium voltage training

basics of medium/high voltage technology


This seminar informs about the principles on which medium/high voltage systems are based. (In the European regulations all systems with voltages > 1 kV~ are called "high-voltage" systems.) It is the basis for the other seminars and informs about the theoretical foundations, applicable standards and regulations and gives an overview of medium voltage equipment and installations.


  • refreshing of relevant electrical basics
  • effects of the electric current on the human body
  • physical fundamentals of high-voltage systems
  • basic protection principles
  • legal requirements
  • operation of high-voltage installations in according to EN 50110-1
  • organisation and responsibility for operating high-voltage installations
  • working methods for electrical installations
  • high-voltage measurement basics
  • fire protection and fire fighting in electrical installations
  • first aid after an electrical accident

Target Group

All persons indirectly involved in planning and construction of high-voltage systems, such as business and plant managers, construction managers, project engineers, commissioning engineers.

Duration: 1 day (8 hours)